Worst Fire at Torreguadiaro for 20 years

Torreguadiaro was hit by a fire, the worst for nearly 20 years, on the 19th June, 2012.
It started just south of the town in the grasslands adjacent to the AP-7 toil road at around 2.00 in the afternoon and  spread up the coast past the town where it jumped the road just north of the town.

It was eventuality  bought under control five hours later and completely extinguished shortly before 10.00pm. 150 houses to the north, high ground of the town, were evacuated.

At one stage it was just feet away from the El Punta Europa supermarket and offices of the El Periodoco de Sotogrande, from which staff were also evacuated. There was a very strong westerly wind which helped the fire spread and at one stage thick smoke covered the main street of Torre.

There were around eight helicopters in use when the flames were at their most fierce, collecting water from the wildlife area and dumping it on the fire, with many fire engines and police vehicles also in attendance. The A-7 road was closed for a while forcing motorists to use the toil road around the town. Luckily no one was hurt, although many house walls suffered damage and also many gardens were burned out.

One person has been arrested on suspicion of arson.

The fire seen from the beach
(Picture taken from the local newspaper, El Periodoco de Sotogrande)



The fire in the hills above the the supermarket.


The flames just feet away from El Punta and the
offices of El Periodoco de Sotogrande.



One of the helicoptors with a suspended water bucket getting ready to drop water on the flames.