"Nothing in all Spain is more surprising than this wild town" Rainer Maria Rilke.

Panoramic Ronda view

Panoramic view from the Alameda Gardens situated next to the famous bullring in Ronda.



Ronda is situated high in the Serrania de Ronda mountains. Its main attraction is the deep Tajo gorge which is spanned by three bridges over the Rio Guadalevin. On both sides of the cliffs cling houses which look like they may fall at any time. The gorge divides the town into the old, Moorish part and the new, Christian part which includes the Plaza de Tores, one of the oldest bull rings in Spain,with its bull fighting memorabilia museum.

How to get there.

Although you can drive up to Ronda, exciting with its hairpin bends, the best way to get there is via the train. This costs (from San Rogue) €12.80 return (2010).
It is possibly one of Europe’s greatest short rail journeys. The 50 mile long rail track from Algeciras to Ronda was built in the 1890's by the British. This was to give the officers and passengers passing through Gibraltar a chance to cool off in the Spanish mountains.

The railway line itself is a master piece of engineering, at times running on the edge of the cliffs bordering the Rio Guadiario and passing through woods and past various whitewashed towns and villages, then into the mountains with spectacular views over the Rio Guadiaro and up to the town of Ronda.

There are four trains a day taking just over two hours. The best place to catch the train is from San Roque which is a few miles down the dual carriage way towards Algeciras. You can park here all day for free.
The last train returns around 8.00pm

Ronda bull

Statue of a proud bull outside the famous bull ring.

House and Carriage Ride

The traditional way to see the sites of Ronda is by a horse drawn carriage.

Church ar Ronda

A beautiful church at the top of the main street.

Having visited Ronda on many ocasions and at different times of the year, it always seems to be warm and sunny. There is plenty to see and worth a complete day trip.

Train from Ronda

The train just about to leave Ronda station.



New bridge

The Puente Nuevo is the tallest of the bridges.

View from train

The view from the train on the way up to Ronda.

Looking out over the Tajo gorge.

There are lots of nice bars and restaurants within the town as well as gardens to rest a while. The Alameda Gardens next to the bull ring are particularly lovely with spectacular views across the valley.

The Aameda Gardens


Looking past the bridge to the Don Miguel Restaurant. One of the nicest places to relax and have a beer or a coffee.

View from the Don Miguel restaurant

The view from the Don Miguel Restaurant.

Flowering bush

A spring flowering bush.